Property Maintenance

Your property is in great hands when it comes to our experienced property maintenance staff. 

From the first days of Spring all the way into December we offer the custom care and services your property needs. 

Our goal is to make your property look its best!



Spring Clean Up Service:

Usually performed in March or April, but can be done anytime your property needs to be spruced up.

  1. Clean up all leaves, sticks and branches on lawn and in beds.
  2. Rake out lawn.
  3. Core aerate lawn if conditions allow.
  4. Edge beds, walks and curbs.
  5. Fertilize shrubs with Holly-Tone as needed.
  6. Apply Snapshot pre-emergence weed control in beds.
  7. Remove and dispose of all debris.

Weekly Property Maintenance Service:

Weekly cutting of the lawn usually begins in mid April

  1. Cut and trim lawn.
  2. Maintain edges on beds, walks and curbs.
  3. Post-emergence weed control in beds, on walks, patios, driveways and along curbs.
  4. Blow off walks, driveway, and patio/deck after cutting is complete.
  5. Remove and dispose of all grass clippings if required by your municipality.

Fertilizer Program

Cecere Brothers Fertilizer Program involves the use of granular and liquid compounds.  Licensed
professionals strategically apply these compounds over a period of nine months.  Cecere Brothers
six-service program is broken down as follows:




1. April Granular fertilizer with Dimension pre-emergence crabgrass control
2. May Liquid post emergence weed control
3. Early June Granular Dimension pre-emergence crabgrass control
4. Late June Granular fertilizer with Merit grub control & liquid post emergence weed control
5. August Granular fertilizer & liquid post emergence weed and crabgrass control
6. Nov./Dec. Granular fertilizer

Shrub Pruning:

In June and July we offer shrub and ornamental tree pruning.  Follow up pruning is done in September.

Fall Clean Up Service:

Beginning in mid October and running through mid December.  Fall clean ups are done on a 10 to 14 day schedule, resulting in 4 to 6 clean ups over this two month period.

Billing Rates:

Weekly Property Maintenance Service is billed out at $40. per labor hour.

Spring Clean Ups, Shrub Pruning and Fall Clean Ups are billed at $46 - $50. per labor hour plus material and disposal costs.

For more information, please contact us by phone at 973-226-3002 | 973-227-9447 or by emailing us at