Irrigation Services

Green Lawns Sprinkler, LLC provides new installations and expert service of underground lawn and shrub sprinkler systems in Essex and Morris county. 

Our knowledgeable background in landscaping and irrigation for over 25 years makes sure your lawn and plants receive the correct amount of water.  When designing and installing a sprinkler system we consider soil conditions, sun exposure and plant water requirements so your landscape will receive the correct amount of water and will thrive. 

Water is one of the key ingredients for the success of any landscape.  An automatic sprinkler system makes watering your lawn and plants easy and efficient.  There is no more frustration of dragging hoses and forgetting to turn off the water. An automatic sprinkler system has a multi-programmable clock that allows for customized programs to met the different watering requirements for lawns in sunny areas versus shady areas and for lawns with different soil profiles.  Also, shrubs, flowers and perennials have different watering needs, and our initial sprinkler design along with a multi-programmable clock will meet these needs as well. 

Green Lawns Sprinkler has the most efficient equipment in the industry so little or no damage will be done to your property.  We have installed over 700 systems and would love to give you references of jobs installed in your neighborhood.  Green Lawns Sprinkler, LLC can assist you with the following irrigation services.   

  • New Installations
  • General Repairs and Renovations
  • Spring Start Up Service
  • Mid Season Inspection
  • Winterizing Service 

Green Lawns Sprinkler, LLC New Jersey Irrigation License # 0021960

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